What’s Sona?

Co-founded by DJ and producer TOKiMONSTA, Sona is a new free music streaming platform that addresses the broken economics of streaming. We're building a fresh take on how music streaming should be — built by artists, for fans that want artists to earn more for their work.

Which artists are on Sona?

We have over 5 million tracks on Sona — and adding more daily! Check out our artists here.

How does Sona work?

Sona is a music streaming platform. You can stream songs, discover new music, create playlists, and follow friends. Sona is also a deeper way to support the artists you love by buying your favorite songs as SONAs and building a collection of your top tracks. We call these tracks SONAs. More on that below!

What’s a SONA?

A SONA is a one-of-a-kind digital twin of a specific song. Artists can auction their songs as SONAs, which gives you the opportunity to share in the success of your favorite artists by collecting SONAs. There can only be one owner of a SONA at a time. It’s a singular way to show your support for your favorite artists, as collectors are showcased prominently on an artist’s profile — and also earn 70% of the Sona streaming rewards for that specific song.

How do SONA auctions work?

Artists choose which songs they’d like to auction as SONAs. The artist sets a minimum reserve price and schedules the auction. Once launched, auctions last 24 hours and the highest bidder wins. The SONA will be transferred to the winner’s wallet at the end of the auction. Any streaming rewards will be automatically distributed to whichever wallet holds the SONA. Bookmark our public auction calendar HERE.

Are there any geography restrictions for streaming songs or earning rewards?

Currently, only people in the United States are able to stream, earn rewards, or buy SONAs. We’re working diligently on expanding access soon! ****Submit our form here to express interest in having Sona launch in your country.

How old do I need to be to use Sona?